Project Designer


What issue does it solve?


The fragmented and document-based drug development process prevents R&D organizations to oversee the path to the targeted product and its benefits for patients.

Innovations usually focus on dis-integrated and isolated new technologies leading to further process fragmentation and neglect the disciplined design thinking, strategic planning, interaction and collaboration across the stake-holders.


The Clinical Project Designer enables R&D Organizations to align Research and Development through a Digital Data Flow from Digital Clinical Development Plan (CDP) to Study Setup.

An engineering mindset opens innovations up in drug development by actively and strategically reducing risks, applying learnings and best-practices made in their organization as well as in the industry.

How does it work?

1. Learn

From successes of the past, baseline through relevant past data, and avoid “re-inventing the wheel”.

2. Apply

Proven trial designs and operational KPI’s and strategies in your own Clinical Development Project

3. Innovate

Through insights for optimal differentiation in your targeted Product Vision.

4. Evolve

Monitor the operational signals, incorporate amendments, adapt the plan and refine the vision in a constant Feedback Loop.

Clinical Development

Applied Clinical Development Excellence:

Your Clinical Development Project based on proven and best practice trial designs. Evolve your product vision through stakeholder feedback.

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